Thursday, June 11, 2015

Trendy Thursdays

Thursday is my absolute favorite day of the week. The anticipation of the weekend and knowing a long week will soon come to an end is so comforting to me. I adore fashion and all things trending so I thought what better way to praise that than dedicating a whole day to it on my blog!

Today's topic is Summer trends....specifically the Hippy Trend (my favorite)

There is no better way to freshen up a wardrobe than picking up a few trending pieces. Summer is the most minimalistic season so it is easy to gather a few key pieces that will completely revamp your wardrobe! A trend that is appearing everywhere is the beloved Hippy trend. I adore this look and with these few key pieces you are bound to be trending.

1. Maxi Skirt or Dress

The simpler the style, the easier it is to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. While this style is not new, it definitely is a gateway to bohemian fashion.

This particular dress from Asos (Elise Ryan Ruched Maxi Dress) is simple enough to be able to adapt to whatever your style may be.

2. Ankle Boots!!

I adore ankle boots; they are extremely versatile and can give a bohemian chic look to any outfit. During the summer months it may seem unreasonable to wear boots but if you opt for a neutral color it will complete any nighttime look. I love my taupe ankle boots I found at Target years ago but these are a similar style:

These Nordstrom booties (BP. Trolley Ankle Bootie) give a very chic modern look while still maintaining a hippy 'vibe.'

3. Hair Accessories 
Hair pieces are vital to achieving a bohemian look. While some make a bold statement, like printed head wraps, others are more subtle, like a black simple floppy hat. 

Plain white T, denim cutoffs, paired along with a 'boho' hair accessory is a perfect summer outfit. (Forever 21     HeadbandBP. Rope Trim Floppy Felt Hat)

4. Tunic Shirts

Flowy tunic shirts are a staple when it comes to bohemian fashion. Their simplicity adds flair and style to denim jeans or cutoffs. I am very fond of the Spanish style of these shirts and the way they look fresh with anything they are paired with. 

American Eagle always has the cutest tunics! I love this one because black is such a wearable color so it is an easy way to add the bohemian look to any outfit. (Aerie Tunic

5. Jewelry!!!

Last but not least jewelry....the right accessories have the ability to complete any outfit and can transform a plain shirt to a cute boho chic look! I feel the chunkier the better. It is important to remain tasteful with the amount of jewelry used but it is essential to any hippy look.

Free People Priestess Collar

The Bohemian look can be achieved by anyone especially in these hot summer months. Free People is the perfect place to find inspiration. Vanessa Hudgens is also great for inspiration because she has perfected this look in her entire essence!

Happy trending friends and feel free to comment below to tell me your thoughts and please share how you have adapted this trend into your style :)


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