Friday, August 7, 2015

New Beginnings

Life is constantly changing and evolving and our reaction can make it amazing or absolutely dreadful. I recently attended my freshman college orientation and it finally hit me: my entire life is going to change. I seriously cannot believe it and while I am so excited, i'm feeling very anxious. This is a new experience that is going to completely define my's extremely scary. Along with that, i've felt other aspects of my life changing especially my personal relationships, forcing me to realize that change is not subtle. It seems to affect everything all at least in my life.

If you're going through a drastic change please know that you're not alone. The most simple way to cope with change is to accept it! It's not going anywhere and fighting it only makes everything worse.
This is a chance to begin again and look at it from a positive angle. It's okay to realize things you don't like about yourself and improve them especially when you're faced with something different.
Regardless if you're going to a new school, getting a new job, moving from your hometown, or even a recent breakup, this is the chance to change your life! It may be a minor change like remodeling your room, or it could be more obvious like a new haircut. Whatever it is, this is the moment to do what you have always wanted to and become the person you never thought you could be. Embrace change and wonderful things can happen <3

Speaking of new beginnings, in case you did not realize I did some small changes to my blog. I felt the strongest urge to improve it and I hope you like it!

Resources to manage change:

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