Saturday, June 13, 2015


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Small coffeeshops are all the rage lately, don't get me wrong I love my Starbucks and CoffeeBean, but there is something so great about a cozy café! When I first visited N7 Creamery I knew it wasn't like other shops. From their amazing (creamy) ice cream to their delicious Stumptown coffee, it definitely made it to the hotspot list for many SoCal residents including myself.
I remember first visiting the coffeeshop sometime last summer and instantly falling in love, soon becoming one of my favorite places to go. There is something so special about being in beautiful place, surrounded by great people, chatting about anything under the sun, and loosing track of time. I really feel like coffeeshops give the opportunity to create amazing memories and it's one of the reasons I love visiting them so frequently.

Something great about N7 is the simple menu! I discovered my favorites in no time and they include: their amazing and rich cappuccino (my all time favorite), their Stumptown Espresso ice cream, and their indulgent Coffee Macaron with chocolate ganache.


Coffee Macaron
Sometime this week make some time to hang out with friends or family at a place you love and just let yourself be free of anything that stresses present! It's important to value the little things in life and make time for them in our busy schedules; let yourself be happy and do the things you enjoy once in awhile, its healthy for us :)
As always leave your comments and thoughts below about your favorite places to go.


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