Sunday, June 7, 2015

Life is just a classroom

They say the hardest part is starting. That is precisely how I feel right now as I am sitting pondering how I should begin this blog first blog post ever! I have so many ideas yet none are coming to mind right now. I guess I should start with what I want my blog to be. "Cup of Val" originated not only because I love tea/coffee and my name is Val (short for Valerie) but rather the feelings I get when I sit and drink my cup of tea or coffee. A sense of warmth, peace, and longing for the day ahead or reflecting on the day just passed. Writing this post right now is giving me those feelings, so I know i'm on the right track. As I have thought long and hard about this for a few weeks I finally decided I want to write about life and the different perspectives i'm exposed to daily. I'm going to use this blog as an outlet for all the new adventures I encounter as well as a way to express my thoughts in more creative ways. I hope all who read this will follow me on this new and exciting journey! Life is just a classroom and I am ready to write all about it.

- Val

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