Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why do girls get so attached?

I'm writing this on a Saturday night sitting in my room listening to some Glass Animals and this question keeps coming to my mind, why do girls get so attached? I'm asking this from personal experience, just imagine this scenario:

I meet a great guy. He seems to meet all the superficial standards of my checklist. We have a great conversation and there is a great deal of flirting.

But why doesn't he call? Is it me or is it him? And despite his lack of initiative the bigger question is, why am I still thinking about him?

I was having this discussion with a few girlfriends over sushi last night and one of them concluded that the truth is guys don't realize when there is something in front of them. Sometimes they just ignore the "signs" and decide to pursue something or someone else.

In reality there may have not been any signs. Maybe the whole thing was me meeting a great, attractive guy who has a flirty personality and we hit it off but the real reason I am still thinking about him is because he hasn't called. If he would have contacted me within days of our encounter would I still have been as attracted and intrigued by him?