Monday, November 2, 2015

Time to Plan

i L O V E my agenda

A common trend I've been seeing all around is PLANNING! It seems everyone is on board with planning and for good reason. I have found that when I do not plan my week I can become so flustered and stressed out. I am not the type to plan each day down to the last minute but simply writing down what needs to get done has helped so much. Here are my three tips for staying organized:

1. Plan Weekly
          This is crucial if you want to stay organized and on top of things. Just write down the key         things you need to get done each day and watch how much more productive you will become. As the week goes on and things come up you can write them down but you will not forget the most important things.

2. Color Coordinate
          I am a very visual person and when I designate colors for different activities I am able to determine what needs more attention at first glance. This also prevents your planner from looking like one big jumbled mess.

3. Use Month Calendars for Important Things
          Instead of writing every single thing down in the month layout just write down the key points for each month . There will always be a lot to do for each day and that can make the calendar look cluttered so instead only jot down really important things on the calendar.

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