Saturday, October 17, 2015

Managing Stress

As you know school is in full swing, no longer that joyous and exciting
first week. Professors have gotten over easing the progression for us freshman but have accepted us as college. Schedules are beginning to pack up with midterms around the corner and the struggle to find balance between socializing and studying has begun. I'm not naturally a person who gets stressed out easily so here are a few of my tips to help slow down those gray hairs from growing:

          Making time to relax under s stressful time can either seem instinctive or like a complete waste of time but one thing is for sure: its necessary! Manage your time so you will have a few hours or maybe even a day to relax. If you have a test coming up resist the urge to put off studying but instead space it out for a few days. This method will give you time to relax and actually learn the material you will be tested on.

2. Do Work Everyday
          Although you should set aside time to relax, you should always do some work. Fridays are my relaxed days meaning when I get home from school I don't let myself do work but in between classes I make sure to get ahead on reading. That goes to say that the weekend should not be "chill days," even if you think you have nothing to do!

3. Take Breaks Between Study Sessions
          Studying for 3 hours straight would make anyone dread studying not to mention study ineffectively. Instead set a goal to study in one hour increments with 15 minute breaks. This will make the time go faster and it lets your brain relax!

Hope these tips helped a bit and make sure you leave your own tips below in the comments.

- Val

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